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Tramadol Wiki: Drug poisoning (morphine, opium, omnopon, heroin, codeine)

Poisoning by narcotic substances (morphine, opium, omnopon, heroin, codeine)

After ingestion of tramadol 50mg high in the body of narcotic substances, the following ones appear rather quickly. the symptoms :

• redness of the face, then paleness of the skin, in severe cases – blueness of the skin and mucous membranes;

• dizziness tramadol wiki;

• nausea;

bull what is tramadol; waking dreams;

• clouding and loss of consciousness, and after waking up a second loss of consciousness and falling into a coma is possible;

• decrease in heart rate;

• convulsions;

• a decrease in tramadol is a narcotic blood pressure and body temperature.

Features of treatment . It is necessary to repeatedly flush the stomach through a tube, even with intravenous drug.

Paracetamol poisoning

Lethal dose of the drug for adults is 15–20 year

Signs of poisoning appear after 30 min since the receipt of paracetamol in toxic dose into the body:

bull how often can you take tramadol; nausea, vomiting;

• pallor of the skin;

• increased sweating;

• pain tramadol wiki buy online in the stomach;

• euphoria.

Then comes tramadol wiki a period of relative tramadol extended release well-being, after tramadol wiki for sale which after 24–36 h symptoms increase:

• dizziness;

• weakness;

• drowsiness;

• pain in the abdomen, in the right hypochondrium.

On the 34th day, the aggravating signs of poisoning :

• dyspnea;

• chills;

• fever;

• staining of the skin yellow (jaundice);

• increased heart rate;

• decreased blood pressure tramadol hcl;

• reducing the amount of urine excreted;

• disturbance of consciousness, coma.

Features of treatment . It is necessary as soon as possible to wash the stomach and clear the gastrointestinal tramadol side effects tract (enemas, laxatives). With the introduction of antidote (Nacetylcysteine) activated carbon can not be used, as it stops the action of the antidote.

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