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Tramadol Side Effects In Men: By the type of the wounded weapon and the nature of the damage, there are wounds cut, stabbed, chopped cut, chopped, bruised, torn, poisoned and gunshot.

Wounds are distinguished by the type of the injuring weapon and the nature of the damage. sliced, stabbed, stabcut, chopped, bruised, torn, poisoned and gunshot .

Symptoms The main signs of a wound are:

• pain;

bull tramadol hcl 50 mg tablet; hiatus;

• bleeding.

Chest Damage

There are closed and open. They also include tramadol dose and heart injury.

Closed chest damage . The main causes are traffic injuries (received in a car accident), a fall from a height, a kick to the chest.

Severe chest trauma is often accompanied by multiple rib fractures.

Leading the symptoms :

• chest pain, aggravated by breathing;

• dyspnea;

• blueness of the skin and mucous membranes;

• increased frequency of cardiac tramadol hydrochloride contractions;

• uneven participation (lag) in the breath of one of the halves of the chest;

• breast deformity;

• unusual (pathological) mobility in the area of ​​the ribs.

When air enters the pleural cavity (pneumothorax) the following the signs :

• a sharp deterioration in the general condition;

bull tramadol side effects ibuprofen and tramadol in men; increased dyspnea;

• increase in cyanosis of the skin;

• a significant increase in heart contractions;

• high blood pressure.

Air penetration (emphysema) in the mediastinum tramadol side and ibuprofen sale . It occurs in the case of severe closed chest injury, when tramadol 50mg side effects occur, there is obvious injury to the pleura and air under pressure enters the mediastinum. It may also occur when bronchus and trachea are damaged.

For this condition is characteristic the symptoms :

• increasing hoarseness;

• an increase in the volume of the neck is tramadol an nsaid due to the ingress of air under the scalp or face;

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• rapidly increasing cyanosis of the skin of the upper half of the body;

• neck vein swelling;

• intensively increasing cardiovascular and respiratory failure up to cardiac arrest.


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