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Is Tramadol: It is important to find out the associated conditions and the presence of chronic diseases.

bull tramadol er; where do pains arise – in the middle of the chest, in the left nipple, in the left half of the chest, etc. P.;

• when is tramadol and under what conditions is tramadol for sale the pain disappears– while resting or in a certain position of the body;

• the effectiveness of taking nitroglycerin – pain disappears, decreases or no effect;

• pressure sensations on the intercostal space, the muscles of the pectoralis tramadol cell headache, the spinendash is tramadol; there is pain at certain points or no sensations.

It is important to find out the associated conditions and the presence of tramadol cost of chronic diseases.

Comparative characteristics of diseases in which one of the leading symptoms are pain in the heart, are presented in Table. 1.4.

Survey . Electrocardiography, general and biochemical analysis of blood, chest radiography, heart ultrasound.

Treatment . In the event of the occurrence of is tramadol a blood thinner pain in the heart area, it is first of all necessary

• provide physical and psychological rest (stop all kinds of stress, take a comfortable body position);

•nbsp tramadol for anxiety; provide a sufficient amount of fresh air in the room is tramadol buy online, access to it should be free (open the window, if possible remove all present from the room, unbutton the collar, remove the tie, fetching the chest);

• take validol tramadol wiki or nitroglycerin, sedatives (valerian tincture, hawthorn, motherwort, heart drops, Corvalol);

• if there is confidence that the pain is not related to the pathology of the heart and blood vessels, but is a consequence of damage to the osteo-muscular system (osteochondrosis, sciatica which makes tramadol look like the thoracic spine), then it is more expedient to immediately take analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac, ibuprofen, naproxen, nise, nimesil, moval).

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